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.... the way out of extreme, criminal and violent gangs.

Programme Exit can help young people out of extreme, criminal and violent gangs, regardless of whether these have a racist/extreme right or minority character.

The work started in Kristiansand in 1996. To start with, the work concentrated only on racist/extreme right groups, but from 1999 on young people with a minority background were also included in the Programme Exit.  It is the experience reaped from this work in addition to that gained from the 2004-2009 Mentor Programme which is now being carried out.


 Target group:

1.  Young people between 13- and 26. 

Work is based on voluntary participation by the young people.  We help people so that they can live their lives free of violence/crime.  We look at many aspects of life, e.g. daily activities, school/work, awareness and understanding of the consequences of criminal behaviour, taking responsibility for one's life, helping others to make the right choices, giving strength, confidence and professional assistance related to personal problems and the situation at home, instilling hope and belief in the future.

Where appropriate, we use mentors or other role models/resource persons in our work.  We also work with young people in prison.

2. Parents.

First of all, we want to support parents and advise and guide them as to how to relate to young people.

The Ester Foundation is an ideal foundation and can in most cases be a neutral and independent link between parents, young people and those who want to help.

We go and see people where they are, and we are good at building relations. Our reputation among young people is good, and it is easy for us to establish contact. We are mobile and flexible, working at hours when public institutions are closed, i.e. evening/weekends.


Del denne siden med andre!

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